S215 Rockdrill

This Rockdrill is used for blast hole drilling in the narrow vein stopping operations found in tabular ore bodies. The light weight makes it suitable for drilling and manipulation in low stopping height conditions.

Air legs and air leg extensions are also available for both machines.

Description S25 Rock Drill (Seco Equivalent) S215 Rock Drill (Seco Equivalent)
Part No 258592 158592
Est. Weight (kg) 31kg 22.6kg
Length incl. Drill steel retainer (mm) 760 730
Drill steel chuck hex (mm) 22mm or 25mm x 159 22mm or 25mm x 159
Bore 79mm 68mm
Stroke 70mm 55mm
Blows/Min 2000 @ 500 kPa 2175 @ 500 kPa
Air connection ¾” BSP ¾” BSP
Water connection ½” BSP ½” BSP
Est. Noise Level 100.3 dB (A) 100.3 dB (A)
Air Consumption (cfm) 145 @ 500 kPa 116.5 @ 500 kPa
Water Consumption(lt/min) 7.6 @ 450 kPa 7.6 @ 450 kPa